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The research was conducted by examining 50 toothpaste containing activated charcoal. The result, eight percent of toothpaste does not contain fluoride. The study also found that activated charcoal deactivates fluoride. So, even though these activated charcoal-based teeth contain fluoride, their effectiveness will be reduced. Of all the kinds of toothpaste tested, more than 50 percent of the product is claimed to have therapeutic benefits. Meanwhile, 30 percent claimed to strengthen or strengthen teeth but it all covered by Dental pro 7 risk free

Other claims identified in the review included a detoxification benefit of 46 percent, antibacterial or antiseptic properties by 44 percent, and an antifungal benefit of 12 percent. Almost all toothpaste or 96 percent is also claimed to have teeth whitening properties. However, research has shown that activated charcoal-based toothpaste contains a free radical scavenging agent which makes the product unable to whiten or remove stains. The study also identified several health risks contained in charcoal-based toothpaste.

Dental pro 7 risk free

According to researchers, Dental pro 7 risk free activated charcoal used in toothpaste products contains carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons in charcoal. The content is a chemical naturally found in coal, crude oil, and gasoline. Also read: Let’s, Reveal Facts about Toothpaste Dr. Linda Greenwall, as the research leader, suggested that consumers check the ingredients of toothpaste based charcoal ingredients before use to determine whether there is fluoride content in it.

Dental pro 7 risk free

Besides, calcium and phosphate are also needed to strengthen enamel. He also said, not all toothpaste as shown in the research. Dental Pro 7 as advertised is commonly use these days.

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However, we must also be aware of Dental pro 7 risk free products that have the potential to cause tooth decay, he added. Greenwall said toothpaste must contain fluoride to have additional health benefits for teeth. The presence of charcoal-based toothpaste seems to be very attractive to consumers because the benefits are promoted or claimed by producers. Therefore, the public is expected to be careful before buying, don’t just be tempted by promotions and advertisements.

Dental Pro 7 Risk free

However, Greenwall said the benefits have not been proven through scientific research. A spokesman for the British Dental Bleaching Society recommends that we visit a doctor if you want to whiten teeth. “Charcoal toothpaste does not whiten teeth. The product might help remove yellow plaque from the surface of the teeth but does not whiten teeth. So, it is better if you have to understand the quality of a product before you buy and use it.

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