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Best Dental Pro 7

Best Dental Pro 7
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What Makes This Dental Care Product So Special?

Daniel Sanderson to make this dental product is so special and so unique. It has different than other commercial dental products and toothpaste. Here are the things, almost all of the commercial dental products have too short-lived. Meaning, once they are used, they will quickly wash away and rub off, far too easily which will only provide you with momentary protection.

Dental Pro 7 stories

Here at Call Nature, we are passionate about providing you with the best quality and highest strength products humanly possible… that ‘actually work’

We manufacture all our products ‘in house’, this way can assure the proper quality, strength, purity and individual ingredients go into each and every batch

…It all started 15 years ago (back in 2004) when founder Daniel Sanderson developed a solution to his own skin and oral health problems by combining the latest scientific research with the power of natural plant extracts, herbs, and oils

Sick of the ineffective, chemical-laden, and watered-down commercial products he’d tried in the past, he sat down to design ‘from the ground up’ an entirely new way of making products

Standard’ in cosmetics

The task set was to create a new ‘gold standard’ in cosmetics that followed 3 simple rules

1. They had to be 100% natural and contain no nasty, irritating or harmful chemicals

2. They had to be ‘professional strength’, contain the highest levels of active ingredients possible and not be watered down in any way shape or form (production costs were of no object)

3. They had to ‘actually work’ and get real results based on real science (not hearsay)

After about a year of non-stop testing, tweaking, and reformulating, Daniel was absolutely blown away with the results of the new products

…So much so, he knew from that day forward he could potentially help thousands of other people too

… so in 2005 our company “Call Nature” was born
A year later we’d already helped thousands of people across the world and we’ve been growing rapidly (mainly by word of mouth and recommendations) ever since

Hopefully, you’ll be our next success story

Best Dental Pro 7

Best Dental Pro 7 Ingredients

Best Dental Pro 7 Contains 11 safe and natural ingredients. Those ingredients are:

Best Dental Pro 7

Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle)

This is a wild Mediterranean plant with bright yellow petals and used for healing attributes. It is also good for killing bacteria, have cell regenerating, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reference 1 :

The essential oil of Helichrysum Italicum (Roth) G. Don (everlasting or Immortelle essential oil) was isolated by hydrodistillation and analyzed by GC and GC-MS. Forty-four compounds were identified. The main components were α-pinene (12.8%), 2-methyl-cyclohexyl pentanoate (11.1 %), Neryl acetate (10.4%), 1,7-di-epi-α-cedrene (6.8%) and other compounds. The oil was fractionated and ester-containing fraction was hydrolyzed with KOH/H2SO4.

Reference 2

The liberated volatiles was analyzed by GC and GC-MS: three phenols and twenty-seven volatile carboxylic acids were identified [70% low fatty acids (C2-C5), 15% C10-C12 acids and 15% other acids]. The main acids were acetic acid (24.3%) propanoic acid (17.2%), 2-Methylpropanoic acid (11.4%), dodecanoic acid (8.7%), 2-Methylbutanoic acid (8.3%), (Z)-2-Methylbutenoic acid (5.1%) and decanoic acid (4.6%). With respect to the identified bonded carboxylic acids, the minimal number of esters in the oil was twenty-seven, but their overall quantity was probably larger due to different possible combinations of alcohols with acids to form esters. On the other hand, only six main esters were identified in the oil before fractionation and hydrolysis.

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Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka)

Located in The East Cape region of New Zealand, this ingredient has the highest antibacterial activity and great for killing bacteria which attack the teeth and gum tissue.

Best Dental Pro 7
History and habitat

Evidence suggests that L. scoparium originated in Australia before the onset of the Miocene aridity, and dispersed relatively recently from eastern Australia to New Zealand.[4] It has been postulated that on arrival in New Zealand, L. scoparium became established in limited edaphically suitable areas until the arrival of the Polynesian people, whose fire and forest-clearing brought about the low-nutrient-status soils for which it was preadapted in its homeland.[3] It is now more common in New Zealand than it is in Australia. It is found throughout New Zealand, but is particularly common on the drier east coasts of the North and South Islands, and in Australia in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.

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Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh)

This ingredient is proven to be high in Flavonoids which can help to assist in reducing inflammatory and will naturally support your body’s immune system.

Reference Medicine

An old bottle of Tincture of Myrrh
In pharmacy, myrrh is used as an antiseptic in mouthwashes, gargles, and toothpastes. It is also used in some liniments and healing salves that may be applied to abrasions and other minor skin ailments. Myrrh has been used as an analgesic for toothaches and can be used in liniment for bruises, aches, and sprains.Myrrh is a common ingredient of tooth powders. Myrrh and borax in tincture can be used as a mouthwash. A compound tincture, or horse tincture, using myrrh is used in veterinary practice for healing wounds.

Reference Medicine2

Myrrh gum is commonly claimed to remedy indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough, asthma, lung congestion, arthritis pain, and cancer.

Best Dental Pro 7

Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed

High antioxidant, vitamins, and Omega 5 fatty acids. Regenerating and healing effect on your body’s soft tissues so it can aid in the healing of damaged, inflamed, receding, and bleeding gums. Also help fight Dental Plaque and kills microorganisms which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Best Dental Pro 7

Adjunctive periodontal treatment with Centella asiatica and Punica granatum extracts. A preliminary study.
Sastravaha G1, Yotnuengnit P, Booncong P, Sangtherapitikul P.


Centella asiatica and Punica granatum are medicinal herbs that have been reported to promote tissue healing and modulate host responses. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the combined extracts from C. asiatica and P. granatum pericarp on periodontal healing following scaling and root planing in adult periodontitis patients.


An innovative herbal medicament was formulated in the form of biodegradable chips for subgingival application. Twenty patients with initial pocket depth 5-8 mm were enrolled into the study. After baseline examination, scaling and root planing of non-target teeth, the target teeth received scaling and root planing followed by subgingival delivery of medicated chips in the test group and unmedicated chips in the placebo group. Probing pocket depth, attachment level, bleeding on probing, gingival index, and plaque index were recorded at baseline, 3 and 6 months.


The results showed significant improvements of pocket depth and attachment level in the test sites when compared with the placebo sites at 3 months and with the placebo and control sites at 6 months. All treatment sites exhibited a similar trend of decreasing plaque score. However, the test sites seemed to show slightly better percentage of bleeding on probing.


The results indicate that local delivery with C. asiatica and P. granatum extracts plus scaling and root planing significantly reduced the clinical signs of chronic periodontitis.

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Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove bud)

The clove itself is a very powerful herb and it has great antiseptic properties. Not only that but it can also numb the pain due to its eugenol content and it also has the highest antioxidant than other plant extracts.

Best Dental Pro 7

Reference – Eugenol—From the Remote Maluku Islands to the International Market Place: A Review of a Remarkable and Versatile Molecule

Eugenol is a major volatile constituent of clove essential oil obtained through hydrodistillation of mainly Eugenia caryophyllata (=Syzygium aromaticum) buds and leaves. It is a remarkably versatile molecule incorporated as a functional ingredient in numerous products and has found application in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, fragrance, flavour, cosmetic and various other industries. Its vast range of pharmacological activities has been well-researched and includes antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anticancer activities, amongst others. In addition, it is widely used in agricultural applications to protect foods from micro-organisms during storage, which might have an effect on human health, and as a pesticide and fumigant.

Eugenia Caryophyllus

As a functional ingredient, it is included in many dental preparations and it has also been shown to enhance skin permeation of various drugs. Eugenol is considered safe as a food additive but due to the wide range of different applications, extensive use and availability of clove oil, it is pertinent to discuss the general toxicity with special reference to contact dermatitis. This review summarises the pharmacological, agricultural and other applications of eugenol with specific emphasis on mechanism of action as well as toxicity data.

Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed)

The function of this ingredient is to carry all of the ingredients into your gum tissue. This ingredient is very light, fast penetrating lipid containing vitamins, Omega 6 fatty acids, and has good astringent qualities.

Best Dental pro 7
Reference – Grape Seed

Most grapes are from cultivars of Vitis vinifera which may contain the phytoalexin resveratrol. Molluscidal and insecticidal activities have been found in grape seed oil. Linoleic acid is the major fatty acid in grape seed oil followed by oleic acid and palmitic acid. There is a greater abundance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated than saturated fatty acids, 1-butyl-3-methylacetate, trans-2-hexenal, E−2-pentenal, hexanal, and heptanal which may account for the fruity flavor.

Reference – Grape Seed

Several volatiles were identified in the oil such as ethyl octanoate, ethylacetate, ethanol, acetic acid, ethyl hexanoate, and 3-methylbutanol. Tocopherols and α and γ isomers of the tocotrienols are also present in the oil. Trilinolein is the most abundant triglyceride, followed by dilinoleoyl-oleoylglycerol, and dilinoleoyl-palmitoylglycerol.

Alpha Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E)

This ingredient is a natural antioxidant which can help to protect the cells and membranes from environmental damage. It can also prolong the shelf life of this dental product to several years.

dental pro 7

Thymus Vulgaris (White Thyme)

Thyme is one of the most powerful antiseptic plants across the whole world and when it is used in the correct dosage, it can provide you with great protection against plaque bacteria, yeast, mold, viruses, and germs.

dental pro 7

Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Leaf

Not only this ingredient will help whiten your teeth and soothe your sore gums, but it will also give you a sweet minty taste.

dental pro 7

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf

This Peppermint leaf will give this dental care product a sharp menthol kick and give you a fresh smelling breath. This ingredient is also an excellent anti-bacterial agent.

dental pro 7

Metha Arvensis (Commint)

Not only this ingredient can help kill oral bacteria in your mouth, but it can also add a pleasant minty taste.

dental pro 7

 How to Use Best Dental Pro 7?

Best Dental Pro 7 – Use 2-3 Times Dailly

  1. Wet your Toothbrush
  2. Add 5 Drops of Dental Pro 7 (from the small glass applicator bottle) to wet Brush
  3. Very gently brush as usual for 2 minutes, including your tongue
  4. Rince your mouth with water (if desired)


To make the product more effective, try not to eat or drink within a 30-minute time frame after to use.

Use as a mouthwash

Add 2-3 drops in a little water and gargle.

Place 2 drops on your tongue and coat inside of mouth.


Already scientifically proven for eliminate bad bacteria and specific pathogens, for eliminate problem’s for gums and teeth.

Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, irritants, or any preservatives.

It is for quickly see and feel for the result in a few weeks after you are to use of the dental products.


It has an regular toothpaste and you can to use 5 drops per application.

You cannot get dental product on any local stores or pharmacies.

Unfortunately, they are not shipping their product to Europe, Africa, or South Africa.

The payment With PayPal, Visa, Master Cards, etc.

They have for purpose of safeguarding to customers’ financial and personal information.

They will be automatically for encrypting all

Official website does not record, save, or it has to access for any your credit card details.

Do Not have a PayPal account

You can use any debit and credit card which you have.

You can just simply select “checkout as a guest” or “pay with a debit credit card.”

Electric toothbrush

You can definitely use any kind of toothbrush


Children under 12 years.

Do Not Swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

Seek advice if pregnant.

Keep away from the eyes.

Not suitable for use on animals.

No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured with our 100%

‘No-Questions-Asked’ Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our product,

Just send it back within 3 months (90 days)

We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

bestdental pro 7

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